Demon Untamed (Shadow Quest #4) by Kiersten Fay

Demon Untamed takes readers on a sensual journey that weaves through the first three books in the Shadow Quest series.


Struggling to survive in an unforgiving universe, Ethan has sacrificed his life in pursuit of a single goal: Follow his king's orders and save their people from the ravenous Kayadon overlords. For so long, he's maintained his title and dark reputation as a notorious pirate to put into motion his king's intricate plot. He thought of nothing else... until he met her - the fiery demon who tempts him like no other.


After witnessing her father's brutal murder by the hand of pirates, Sonya has developed a special kind of hatred for their kind. When Ethan, otherwise known as the Pirate King, boards her ship and invades her space with his encompassing presence, she finds herself fighting to keep her distance. Yet she wonders if she even wants to, when he threatens to seduce her mind, body, soul... and most frightening of all, her heart.

Review by Paulina Woods

I was really disappointed from the first chapter. This is a retelling of the first three books with a different point of view. I was looking forward to seeing Sonya in a different light, seeing her be the kickass bitch she is. Nope nothing new happened. At times I thought that it was a copy paste job and had to stop myself from skipping. I believe that this book could have been a great novella and started after the invasion or the end of book three. I am looking forward to more work from Kiersten Fay but I am hoping that there’s no more copy paste.

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