Dark Prophecy by Ann Gimpel

When the dream world spills its murky contents, everyone’s worst nightmares run free.Dr. Lara McInnis reads auras and flirts with an elusive ability to foretell the future. Ambivalent about the magic within her, she’s done a fine job ignoring other aspects of her power—until now. After several patients—and a student or two—describe the same cataclysmic dream, she uncovers ancient evil intent on draining her power. Lara knows next to nothing about her psychic side, but it will destroy her if she can’t come to terms with it.


Trevor Denoble has secrets, but he shields them well with a stunning body and a boatload of British charm. The airline he works for folds because there’s no fuel for the planes, and Lara’s changing into someone he barely recognizes. Though he doesn’t know it yet, the rest of his carefully crafted life is about to come crashing down too.


Living in a world teetering on the edge of anarchy, Trevor and Lara are faced with a series of painful decisions. Is the love between them enough for Trevor to swallow his distrust of Lara’s burgeoning paranormal ability? Will their personal demons tear them apart in a world gone mad, as shortages of everything from electricity to food escalate?

Review by Paulina Woods

This was a very enjoyable read! I am a huge fan of end of the world books and this one has jumped to the top of my list. The natural resources are running out or have already ran out and there are riots in the streets.


Not paying attention to what's happening in the world Lara tries to help her patients and understand why her visions are coming closer together. Trevor, Lara's long time boyfriend, is hidding a secret that could tear them apart.


This is not a book you can read and put aside. It makes you think about the world we live in today and the damage we are doing to our planet. The twist and turns will keep you on your toes. Make sure you have some undisturbed time before sitting down to read this book. The one thing I hope never comes to pass is the common rolling blackouts. I hate the dark.


I can not wait for the next book in this series.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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