Dark Promise (Underworld #1) by M.L. Guida

Love can unlock the secret to saving two worlds.


As the Golden Aspen Tree withers, darkness consumes the Dragon Demons of the Underworld, turning them feral. Prince Eric Wyvern must keep his darkness at bay and woo the silver-haired human tainted with angel blood whose touch is prophesied to save the Golden Tree and restore light to the Underworld.


Cassandra Wright, a gifted psychic, has dreamed of Eric her whole life. When her dream lover joins her on a ski vacation, he plunges her into a nightmare.


Imprisoned in a dying world filled with abuse and torture, she must become the Demon Prince’s mate or remain trapped forever. If she fails to fulfill the prophecy, the darkness will spread to her world. But how can she give herself to this dark and frightening version of the man of her dreams?

Review by Paulina Woods

Can I say stalker?


Prince Eric has to get his mate to come back to the underworld and accept his claim. Than and only than can the curse be lifted from his people. He is strong but still unsure of himself at times because he is trying to win his mate the human way. It's actually pretty funny to watch.


Cassandra reminds me of a doe ready to run at the slightest noise. Unsure of herself and still healing after a horrible betrayal it’s a wonder she doesn’t go insane when her dream lover comes to her in the flesh. She treats him like any sane woman would and runs in the opposite direction.


This would have been a four bloody heart read but there are some very unbelievable parts. An example:


  • Cassandra runs to a police and ask for help and he tells her to run to her hotel. A little bit later Eric shows up. Um the police didn't try to help? I know he was from the underworld but still he is a police, act like it.


Oh be warned there is torture, suggestive child torture, and evil children.


I am placing this on my series to watch list; I know that M.L. will continue to write about the underworld and I want to see how it turns out.

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