Maduas's Lovers

Ava was tired of others deciding her fate and so she stole a ship and set off to find a remote planet to build a home on. She hadn't planned on trespassing or being taken prisoner by an alien who turned her body on like no other. Was she stepping from the pan into the fire?

Chapter One



Ava's hands trembled as she tried to pull more speed from the old transport she had stolen. Her escape plan wasn't going as planned but she couldn't complain, she had put some distance between her and the Ugmaga who had bought her for his breeding program. He was a sadistic bastard and she had found out he was going to pair her with a M'ken. It wasn't that they were big hairy beast or their long silver fangs. Hell it wasn't even the fact that they smelled like rotted eggs. No, it was their barbed penises that ripped the inside of any female apart. Many M'ken females didn't survive the mating process. It wasn't all that surprising when she found out they were only found in captivity now and bred in labs. It was just her luck her Ugmaga master got off on the pain of others and sold tickets to the show. It was also her luck humans were seen as nothing more than stupid pets. Getting out of the room they had left her in had been easy; stealing the ship even easier but flying the thing somewhere safe was impossible. Anywhere she went she would be seen as an exotic pet.

"Fuck me." Ava yelled as a jolt sent her slamming forward into the controls. She had no idea why she had even bothered to strap in when everything had been sized for a much larger species. Her hands flew over the controls as she ran a check to make sure no vital systems had been affected by whatever had hit her. "How did I miss that?" Ava hissed as she saw one of her masters scout ships. The Ugmaga's were not known for being subtle and her master was the worse. All his collection ships were shaped like an egg with spikes that doubled as weapons. "Almost like a M'ken penis," she snickered. 

One of the spike lites and Ava jerked the transporter and barely missed being hit. If and when they got tired of playing with her they would take her out and she needed to be gone. Her eyes cut to the hyper drive button and groaned when it was still broken. She just had to pick the ship without a working drive. Maybe she should have thought of why it was under repairs but again she had been in a hurry. Three spikes sparked to life and Ava cursed because there was no way she was going to survive that.

Her eyes darted over the charts looking for anything and a grin crossed her face as she saw her salvation. Being a slave meant she had heard a lot of interesting things as aliens talked as if she wasn't there. One of the most prevalent stories was about a species that ruled their solar system with an iron fist. This species never mingles with others, and anyone who entered their space was never heard from again. Even the biggest and scariest aliens were scared to speak of that part of the universe. Ava didn't believe in the boogeyman or any such thing. Stolen from her life on earth and sold more times than she could count, nothing scared her anymore. She had found that the most beautiful of aliens hid the most monstrous heart. 

"So long suckers." Ava pushed the throttle forward and the transporter jumped gaining speed. She would take her chances with an unknown species and hope they would give a girl a break. All she wanted was a small home on an unknown planet where she could live her life. Earth was no longer a choice for her because she was no longer that woman who believed in fairytales and princes. She knew humans were no longer alone, and not top of the food chain. 

The scanners showed the collector not moving and soon it was no longer detected. "Superstition will be my salvation." 

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