Magic is no match for love…

Trapped somewhere between life and death, demigod Cyril has lost the ability to communicate with his love. But not before giving her valuable lessons in magic, as well as his blessing to move on without him.

Coming to terms with Cyril’s absence isn’t easy, but Linden is doing her best to honor his wishes. Until she receives an unusual request from Moreaux, an estranged member of Cyril’s family. Bizarre things are going on with Mary, the former housekeeper, and Linden can’t let them go.

But when her investigation leads to a mistake that nearly costs her life, Cyril’s best friend, Overton, steps in and violates a promise he made centuries before to bring her back from the dead.

Gratitude turns to comfort, comfort turns to desire, and desire leads Linden to a shocking revelation. In her charge to uncover the truth behind Mary and Moreaux, she discovers a spell she can’t undo without leaving wounds on her heart, wounds she knows will never heal…

Review by Paulina Woods

Renea is one of my favorite authors and her books are always entertaining and hot as hell. Not only was I not disappointed when I read Between the Waters but I think this was her best work yet. Ok I like a dominating man so Cyril is hot but damn if I don’t love Overton. Its something about the quiet ones, get them naked and they get all…yummy. Reading about Linden growing into her powers and just being a badass is pretty cool I just hope she opens up more sexually so Renea can write about a threesome..hint hint wink wink.


This is not like a typical vampire/wereanimal/paranormal anything story and I loved every second. But I do wish she would have explored the other guys in the house. If my hot guy gave me permission to have sex with other hot guys who were his friends…I would lock them all up and only let them out to play.


The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the ending. Dang it Renea a cliffhanger, really!!! I am now dying to read the next book.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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