Captured Heat by Karida Clarke

The Phoenix Warriors, a group of immortals bound by the gods to protect the integrity of the human realm from otherworldly races, have been led for centuries by Cole, a guarded alpha male.


When Cole learns that an ancient demon has discovered the location of a tool that will enable him to escape from the prison realm, Cole vows to find and safeguard it before the demon's vampire minions.


Rebecca Powell is a high school guidance counselor who is everyone's "lucky charm." She's just not so lucky herself. After being used a time too many, she's through with men... until she runs right into the one she can't resist.


Cole and Rebecca have both been burned before, but can they put aside their misgivings to protect the human realm and learn to love again?

Review by Paulina Woods

Captured Heat opens with a bang and never stops.


Personally I have never read a book with a Phoenix as a lead character. Oh they might be the friends or hybrids but Karida gave them a leading role and made them as hot as their name. I loved how she allowed you to picture their flaming wings and the rebirths. I seriously would love to fly through the night sky with my own personal sexy heater.


I loved how the discriptions of Cole and Rebecca gave me a vivid image of him while I read. Actually the discription for everything was so well written that it was like watching a movie. I felt like I was in the desert and even went and looked up the area so I could really know what it looked like. But the vivid discription wasn't the only thing great about this book, Karida makes sure that every character is seen and heard. I feel in love with The Desert Witch and her crazy ways. I wanted to huge Ryker, and can't wait for his book.


Cole is a troubled soul who lives with a deep hurt. He had tried to bond mate with a woman who rejected him and so he shut off his feelings. He lived only to do his duty and keep his part of the world safe and the otherworldly people in order. When he comes across a vampire who speaks of breaking a demon lose he has no choice but to call his men and go in search of a tool to save the world.



Rebecca is the type of guidance counselor we all wish we had, kind and very helpful. She also happens to be the good luck charm of anyone around her and her boyfriends seem to get very possessive. Just coming out of a damaging relationship she has no time for men or secret beings. What she is will surprise and amaze the reader.


Watching these two fight to save the world while falling in love is entertaining. I loved all the other warriors and can’t wait to read their stories. This book is a complete work yet it makes you NEED to read the next.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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