Becoming His Mate by Lillian Dante

He was the best mistake she ever made…


…and he might just be the death of her.


Many years ago, Heather threw a coin into the old fountain and made a wish. She wished that the man of her dreams would come and sweep her away, far away from the home where she’d always felt ignored and unwanted. Now, she’s grown up, and she’s learned better. You can’t count on anybody to make your future better. You can only build it yourself.


And you especially can’t count on Cole Jackman.


It’s been nearly a decade since their tumultuous high school romance, but Heather can’t quite shake the memories. And when Cole stumbles back into her life, she learns that she still can’t control herself around him. But she’s no naive little girl anymore, and now, Heather sees something she missed before: Cole’s hiding a great big whopper of a secret. Something dark. Something dangerous. Something…furry.


As Heather uncovers the truth, she finds herself caught in a centuries-old conflict that puts her on center stage. Her dual destinies - one as Cole’s mate, and one as his sworn adversary, have made her enemies on all sides. And to make matters worse, she just can’t seem to keep her hands off of him. Can she find a way to tame his wolfish nature, and bring peace to the Douglas Mountain clan before it’s too late?

Review by Paulina Woods

Two old enemies charging across a battlefield, one is trying to destroy while the other stands to defend home and family.


I was really excited to see a paranormal romance book from one of my favorite contemporary authors; yes I do read other genres.


This book reminded me of Jennifer Ashley shifters in that to save themselves and future offspring the shifters agreed to a treaty where they lived within certain boundaries. This treaty stopped years of war between shifter and a group called The Order.


But like every treaty as years passed and than centuries most stories became legends and soon weren’t even told to the younger generation. But like every good story there are zealots who refuse to leave well enough alone and try to bring back the “glory days”. As the shifters grow and start to buy up lands off the “reservations” these zealots sprang into action and this is where things started to get exciting.


I loved Heather because she is not your typical heroine. She was born to destroy the very people she has grown to love. Torn between wanting to be the good daughter and knowing that in the end she must stand with the man she loves. The conflict is so real and the power of love makes me fall in love with this strong woman.


Cole has never been able to embrace who he is and what his role in his pack is. Running away seemed like a great idea but like always the call of home can only be ignored for so long. His struggle to come to terms with being alpha, finding his mate and keeping his pack strong against and enemy thought to be long dead is…well amazing.


At one point I seriously saw a Lord of the Rings moment and was like “This would make a great movie scene!” I won’t ruin it but if you have seen any of the movies you will know what I mean when you read it.


Oh best part about this is that there is a mystery well that no one knows anything about. It a place of peace and harmony for shifter and human alike but never ages and where the water comes one knows.


This book is part of a multi author series named the Fountain of Love and I can’t wait to read the other books. As a matter of fact I have placed them on my to-be-read list.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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