Welcome! I am glad you have decided to visit my part of the universe. If you accidently pressed yes and you’re not 18, please exit now. This is your last warning. I have created a safe place for readers to meet me and hang out together. I am hoping I grow as an author; I will have character drawings and maybe a few games we can play. But first, I guess I should tell you a little about the person behind the books.

I am Paulina, and no I don’t use a pen name. My mom, rest her soul, used to tell me that people at her work used to mistake my work for hers (blush). I like my name and am proud of it, so I will continue to write under it. Now, if I changed my mind and started writing non-alien, magic books, I would use a pen name. I am the second child born to my parents, but my siblings act like I’m the first born. I sometimes act like I’m sleeping so I don’t have to answer the phone. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Oh well, it’s out there now. I have always loved writing. No, I take that back. I have always loved talking. I think I came out of the womb talking. The funny thing, well not too funny at the time but now that I look back, funny, was I couldn’t be understood by anyone but my older brother until I was almost eight years old. My mom gave me my first diary and a write/storyteller was born.

Now I live in a small one-bedroom apartment in Yuma, Az with my service dog, Sasha and kitty Hershey. We spend most of our time curled up together reading or watching TV. Yes, they get along like brother and sister, which means they fight sometimes. I still love them to death. For fun I play video games, read, watch TV, and go to the dog park when I’m feeling okay.

Enough about me. Go on, enter and see if maybe, just maybe, there’s a book waiting for you.