Aflame by Krissy Daniels

To save her soul, he’ll let her burn.


Grayce has been on the run for years. Having escaped an abusive relationship with a violent psychopath, she is trying to rebuild her life one small step at a time. Things are going well until Zander crosses her path, badass and sexy as hell. His presence awakens heated desires she long ago buried. Last thing Grayce wants is a man, and the way her body reacts to Zander scares her more than the threat of being found.


Tyr will do anything to get his little dove back. She is a Beacon, and her raw, burning energy gives him power and strength. More than the evil that already compels him. But a blond giant of a man hovers protectively around her. No matter. He’ll play with him too.


When Zander rescues Grayce from Tyr’s first attempt to reclaim her, he reveals his superhuman abilities. Power that Grayce also has, but has yet to understand. As predestined soul mates, Zander must help Grace control her rage before her fire threatens to destroy everyone and everything in her path. But his true challenge is more than that—to show her it’s possible to trust and love again.


CONTENT WARNING: Hot sex with a foul-mouthed firecracker.

Review by Paulina Woods

Every once in a while a new author burst out of the starting gate with both guns shooting. This is one of those times and one of those books you do not want to miss.


If you follow my reviews you know I have a weakness for strong women who can stand up for themselves. Women who know when to fight and when to try again another day and Grayce is just that type of woman. Coming out of an relationship many women would have died in she moves often and tries to stay under the radar. Working hard she has established a home that she is proud of and has started taking defense classes.


Zander is just yummy. I love a man who is built like a tree. I know it sounds funny but a tree is not always a bad thing. After reading his description I had to text my boyfriend and tell him I might have to replace him. Wow and yummy!! He was a wet dream waiting to happen and put super strength, long live and speed behind it and a girls heart…well would just give out.


I loved the fact that Zander took charge but Grayce wasn’t a wallflower and made sure she got what she wanted. Watching these two come to terms with what Grayce was and watching as she learned how to control her powers was just amazing.


I love children, in books, and this one had an adorable boy who had overcome so much in his short life. I can’t wait to read his story, I know it won’t be for a while but…


This book is going on the shelf next to Christine Feehan and Gena Showalter as my MUST read again and again.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

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