Author Paulina Woods

Paulina Woods was born and raised in a small military town named Twentynine Palms, California. She was the second of four children and spent her time outside expanding her imagination. As she grew older, Paulina found others loved hearing the stories she told herself. It wasn’t until she had graduated from college that she turned her attention to putting her stories to paper. From witches to aliens, Paulina finds enjoyment in happily ever afters. Her life isn’t always about writing. She has an amazing service dog named Sasha whose job is to make sure Paulina lives a long and happy life. Sasha is a German Shepard/ Shar Pei mix who knows just how to give puppy eyes to get what she wants. Living alongside Sasha is an adorable kitten named Hershey. He was found under a car where his loud meow called to Paulina. Now Sasha and Hershey are best friends and do everything together. Paulina also finds happiness in playing RPG games on her PS4. She can travel to other worlds and never leave the comfort of her home.